Beaudoin jewelry

I love fused glass because it allows the techie and the artist in me to combine our super-powers to create beauty. I have spent my life appreciating and practicing art while concurrently developing skills for what most artists do not generally embrace – order, technology and business.


I started creating jewelry under the name Little Miz Moffitt in 2009.  I began making beaded jewelry.  After doing this for a number of years, my husband surprised me with a 2-day fused glass class as a holiday gift. I loved it from the start, but realized this would require a significant investment in equipment, education and supplies.  The decision to investigate this path was influenced by the fit it made with my personality and the satisfaction I felt with both my successes and failures. Failures are not disappointing in this medium because they provide a wonderful education. I also notice that others who view my work often comment that my perceived failures are their favorites.


Each of my jewelry pieces are unique creations. Because the smallest temperature difference in the kiln, or even cuts from opposite ends of a single piece of glass, can create a unique visual variance, each new batch is a surprise and inspiration for tomorrow’s effort. 


Thank you for visiting today. Please come back again to see what todays failures have inspired.