Beaudoin Jewelry

I love fused glass because it allows the techie and the artist in me to combine our superpowers to create beauty–wearable art. I have spent my life appreciating and practicing art while concurrently developing skills for what most artists do not generally embrace — order, technology and business sense.

I started creating jewelry under the name Little Miz Moffitt in 2009. I began with beaded and wirework jewelry. After developing this for a number of years, my husband surprised me with a fused glass class as a holiday gift. I loved it from the start, but realized this would require a significant investment in equipment, education and supplies. 

The lure of fused glass as an art form became more than I could resist. The classes, and their results, inspired me to further explore the medium. The techie in me loved creating a database and Excel sheets to track my materials, recipes, client purchases, custom requests, inventory, costs research and development. The artist in me is continually amazed by the results. It is exciting each time I lift the lid of the kiln to view the results from a batch. In examining each new piece against the materials, or recipe used, I am again inspired to try new options. I keep pen and paper next to me when I examine new batches because that is when a good deal of inspiration blooms.


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