Jewelry is so much more than a simple accessory. It is a personal statement about who you are and what you choose to project on any given day, or moment. Even before I became a jewelry designer, I understood this. There are bold pieces to wear on days when you envision yourself as an exclamation mark, another when you choose to stand tall or to highlight an outfit or to see who is paying attention - they do, you know!

Welcome to Beaudoin Jewelry. What do you project?

Welcome to Beaudoin Jewelry. What do you project?

As you will see, I had fun writing the short descriptions for my work. I have personified each one, free associating as I wrote. I hope you will enjoy the fun and choose to laugh. As you will discover, I have a slightly dark sense of humor.

The descriptions in no way imply that the darkly humorous descriptions are injected with bad juju. All were made with creative love and happiness. I wish each piece a good and loving life as they are purchased and sent out into the world.

Choosing to live a creative life is the best decision I have made. I turned my dream into reality and wish the same for you.