fire & ice, sapphire

fire & ice, sapphire


She has been likened to a bull in a china shop, always charging forward mightily. We can use her strength right now. Is it her nature or is she hiding a vulnerability? Both.

And she is loved either way. Mightily.

This fused glass beauty, fire & ice, sapphire, is striking. The pink and purple square pattern reveals depth in its brilliant blues. You can pair this wearable art with any fashion statement, whether you're going for wicked-good or wondrous.

You. Cherished.

Colors found in this pendant: sapphire, blue, pink, purple

She comes with a 16" silver chain. For other necklace options check out the Necklace page

Pairs well with checkmate sapphire stud earrings. Just sayin'.

Approx. 1” x 1-1/8”

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