lost & found four play

lost & found four play


She gave her heart years ago. The finale was inevitable but liberating. She’s emerging from the healing place, learning to trust once again. Is that light an oncoming train? No, it’s love returning. She’s smarter now.

And ready.

This pendant necklace, lost & found four play, is a statement piece on love, lessons learned, and about emerging stronger to make healthier choices for ourselves. Pair this wearable art with your new lease on life, whether you're going for bewitching or beautiful. 

You. Breathtaking.

She comes with an 18" silver chain. For additional necklace length options, check out the Necklace page

Colors found in this pendant: blue, sapphire, indigo, cobalt, pink, purple, rainbow, silver

Approx. 1-1/2“ per side, 1-7/8”-ish diagonal

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