royal pane

royal pane


She looks out longingly, feeling that the rest of the world, surely, has a more exciting life than does she. Oh, if she could only go out and be as free as they seem. What do you mean they all want to be me? Princesses don’t have much freedom.


This fused glass beauty, royal pane, is transcendent. The rainbow, layered pattern reveals depth into its brilliant royal blue hues. You can pair this wearable art with any outfit, whether you're going for regal or revered. 

You. Ravishing.

Colors found in these earrings: royal blue, sapphire, indigo,blue, rainbow, pink, green, yellow, silver

She comes with an 18" sterling silver chain. For longer necklace options see the Necklace page.  Pairs well with royal blue enigma or labyrinth earrings. Just sayin’.

pendant is approx. 1.5”

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