my love-leigh 1

my love-leigh 1


This raspberry-golden goddess holds the key to the city of light, luminous as a star. Translucent when held up to light and dazzlingly reflective when against your skin.

What's not to love? 

This glass beauty, my love-leigh, is a statement piece. You can pair this wearable art with almost any outfit, whether you're going for dazzling or drool-worthy. 

You. Divine.

Colors found in this pendant: pink, fuchsia, magenta, blue, green, yellow, rainbow, gold

She comes with a 16" gold colored chain. For longer necklace options see the Necklace page.  This version has a gold pendant bail and necklace chain. Version (2) has a silver bail and necklace chain.

Approx. 1-5/8 x 1-5.8" and 2” from corner to corner

Pairs well with brilliant-leigh raspberry. Just sayin'.

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